Swift TV

An introduction to Swift & Co quality shoemakers from Lancashire UK

Richard Swift, founder and Managing Director of Swift & Co discusses his family's three generations of footwear heritage, and the shoemaking renaissance that he aims to bring to East Lancashire - an area of the UK formerly famed for its footwear production.

Richard talks about the importance of technology in shoemaking, and explains the patent-pending innovations behind Swift & Co's flagship collection, Heritage Twist. Besides being scientifically proven to increase shock absorbency - even surpassing the levels of trainers - Swift & Co shoes are made with minimal reliance on environmentally harmful adhesives, and use less material, reducing their carbon footprint. One of the UK's leading Tough Mudder competitors, Sean Williams, put the shoes through their paces on an Army assault course, demonstrating their lightweight comfort, flexibility and performance.

Swift & Co shoes | The Heritage Twist collection

An introduction to the innovative and award-winning Heritage Twist collection from Swift & Co.

With two patents pending for its unique midsole design and pioneering manufacturing process, Heritage Twist offers day-long comfort, unrivalled by traditionally constructed shoes and even trainers.

What's more, Heritage Twist's reinvention of classic styles makes it a truly versatile proposition: smart enough for the office yet stylish enough for casual situations too.

Visit www.swiftshoes.co.uk to learn more about this unique blend of day-long comfort and timeless style - ideal for the busy lifestyles of fashion-conscious modern men.